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Novels by Larry Stenzel


Tales To Tell

  "You like to read about a Midwest boyhood, you'll like this book.  It's real."

Stony Hills - New Sharon, Maine

  "Beautifully form a relative of  Winesburg, Ohio."

New Mexico Humanities Review    
Socorro, New Mexico  

1979, 128 pages

Afraid of the Dark

  "A scary portrait of just how empty contemporary life can become."

ALA Booklist - Chicago

  "A companion piece to Heinrich Boll's The Clown and Dangling Man and Seize The Day by Saul Bellow."

Samisdat - Richford, Vermont

1981, 187 pages

Lillie Seline's Confession

 (Illustrated by Pat Grizzell)
  "A well written story about illusion and self-delusion, and the mental anguish that results from frustrated desire."

Blow - Portland, Oregon   

  "Details events of a woman activist whom conventional wisdom would probably label an 'anti-heroess'."

Book Mart - Lake Wales, Florida 

1982, 96 pages
Paperback, $5.75

A Vacation From Worry

  "The reality of the political picture is clearly shown, and we cannot doubt we are seeing humanity in action."

Black Mountain Review    
Black Mountain, North Carolina  

  "...A definite cry from the wilderness...something that should not be ignored."

 Gargoyle - Washington, D.C.    

1984, 32 pages
Paperback, $3.00

Alms at Beautiful Gate

  "...The author's response to our present predicament is that there is no real solution...Things really are bad.  But the person closest to you has needs as well, and this relates to the fundamental message of our Christian culture."

Suttertown News - Sacramento, California

  "All three stories deal with dilemmas that are convincing and realistic."

 Rockford Review - Stamford, Nebraska    

1991, 92 pages
Paperback, $8.00

When Sparrows Do Fall

 A Moral of the Nineties

Publication November 2009



2009, 154 pages


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