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When Sparrows Do Fall

A Moral of the Nineties



Bradley Rolph is a young man who works in a warehouse and who is an anti-abortionist.  He stalks three generations of the Starbie family.  He targets Bill Starbie, a retired advertising executive, because he thinks him pro-abortion.  His daughter, Elena Starbie, a newspaper religion writer, he sees as too liberal in her theology.  And Mandy, Elena's daughter, who is a dancer in a nightclub, he observes to be too loose in her morals.

Joe Iverson, a police detective, well intentioned but slow moving, is brought in to protect the Starbies.  Bradley is able to elude Iverson but not the consequences of his own plotting.

Published November, 2009

Spiral Bound Xerox (8 1/2 x 11)
ISBN 978-0910021-05-0
154 pages
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