Larry Gene Stenzel is a writer of adult literary fiction.  He was born in Arlington, Minnesota to Albin Ludwig and Mildred Sophia (Bartels) Stenzel.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota, receiving his B.A. in 1971.

He lives in Sacramento, California, and is the owner of Samuel Powell Publishing Company (founded 1979).  He is also a manager at Barry Cassidy Rare Books and an associate of Mogavero Notestine Associates, an architecture, planning, and development services firm.

He is currently on the Board of Directors of Resources for Independent Living in Sacramento.  Past community involvement in Sacramento has included serving on the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Housing Alliance (1999-2001) and being a member of the Church Council at St. John's Lutheran Church (1992-97).

From Who's Who in America, 2004


Novels by Larry G. Stenzel

Tales to Tell (1979)
Afraid of the Dark (1981)
Lillie Seline's Confession (1982)
A Vacation From Worry (1984)
Alms at Beautiful Gate (1991)
How Weeping Spends the Night (2001)
When Sparrows Do Fall (2009)


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